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It is an honor for us at Super G Mart to present to you the most authentic and meaningful event of the year: Global Culture Fest 2023. This event, which transcends borders and promotes the cultural unification of our communities, is scheduled to take place on November 18th  in the Carolinas’ newest cultural hub, Super G Mart Pineville.

Free Entry!

Global Culture Fest 2023 will embrace various cultural differences as each community showcases their heritage while also experiencing the best of what other cultures have to offer. From the vibrant rhythms of Latin America to the captivating dances of the Far East, this festival will embark on a unique journey around the world over the course of the event.



Global Culture Fest brings to you and your family multicultural performances, so you can enjoy throughout the day what each of the countries and cultures present in Charlotte has to offer.


Street Food

Food for every taste and nationality, with our food street, where you'll find the most delicious cuisine, including Food Trucks for you to indulge in at this festival


Live Music

Musical diversity - you'll dance and learn with music from various countries. Don't miss out on this great celebration!




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